Bursa Agricultural Cooperatives Association was established on 20 March 1998. Our founding partners are Orhaniye Agricultural Development Cooperative, Çağlayan Agricultural Development Cooperative, Avdancık Agricultural Development Cooperative, Karahıdır Agricultural Development Cooperative, Harmandemirci Agricultural Development Cooperative, Edebey Agricultural Development Cooperative, Ağaköy Agricultural Development Cooperative Member. Our target as the regional union is to be marketed in our locations there. On 02.03.2017, a serious history was taken in the new year with a new management and a different employee union. Turkey Turkish Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Food, Agriculture Ministry Germany – German Cooperative Union have expanded our work Cooperation Project. The German Cooperative Confederation (DGRV) started to work with the Turkish Representative.

PURPOSE OF THE ASSOCIATION: To protect the common interests of our Joint Cooperatives, to carry out economic activities in order to achieve their objectives, to coordinate their work, to audit their accounts and transactions, to organize their relations with foreign countries until the Central Union to develop cooperatives, to provide training and guidance.

A- Finding and exporting to the cooperatives’ products that can provide their products with more favorable conditions in domestic and foreign markets,

B- To carry out studies for the fulfillment of all functions related to marketing,

a- Bringing together the products of the joint cooperatives, separating them into standards, packaging them in accordance with technical requirements and market demands,

b) To establish storage facilities to increase the value of the collected goods or to participate in the enterprises working in this field,
c— To purchase or rent vehicles suitable for the technical and specifications of each product in the works for shipment to the market,
d— To reduce costs by freeing all works from production from all kinds of harmful customs and to take other measures necessary to maximize quality and product,
e— Establishing necessary facilities for the delivery of products to the market,

C— To provide all kinds of tools and equipment for the production and consumption needs of the cooperative partners that have joined the Union at wholesale prices or to manufacture them whenever possible,

D— Importing substances for the needs of joint cooperatives and their partners,

E— Organize all kinds of activities related to the efficient processing of water, animal, soil, forest and similar products,

F— To carry out studies on animal breeding and marketing,

a— To provide silos with the capacity to meet the requirements of forage crops, green silage feed,

b) To take the measures required by animal health in cooperation with the provincial or district directorate of the Ministry,

c— To provide breeding needs,

G— Organizing the works related to all kinds of handicrafts to ensure the marketing of the products,

H— To establish industrial facilities in the village on agricultural and craft related issues or to participate in the established ones,

I— Participating in the activities of introducing the products and finished products of the joint cooperatives in the fair, fair, external and internal exhibitions,

To engage in initiatives related to the occupations and health of the partners and civil servants of cooperatives that have joined the Union,

J— To ensure the establishment of tourism facilities in regions suitable for establishing all kinds of domestic and foreign tourism and health facilities,

K— To provide electricity and to switch to undertakings for the evaluation of electrical energy, to engage in the development and operation of mining and energy resources,

L— To act as an insurance agency in order to provide all kinds of insurance services of the cooperatives and their cooperative partners,

M— Assists in the regulation of the legal, financial and technical affairs of the joint cooperatives and operates in the fields of activity of the joint cooperatives.

N— Establishing a company related to its field of activity and participating in established companies,

O— To publish newspapers, magazines, books and all kinds of publications on the purpose and working subjects and to organize meetings such as seminars, symposiums, panels and conferences when necessary.

Ö— To carry out the necessary studies for the social security of the cooperative partners of the Union. To act as an intermediary in the provision of all kinds of insurance services,

P— Carrying out rural tourism activities,

R— To carry out activities for the needs of the partners in social, cultural, transportation and similar issues,

S— Carrying out environmental protection activities

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